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Tricks to wear that short dress in the winter!

Have you ever found a cute dress, but it’s too short for you to wear by itself. If you try to bend just a little, you might be showing the world more than what you had hoped for. I was able to find a nice black flow dress with laces on the shoulders. It’s great for a day wear or to go out for the night. I found myself falling in love with this dress, just one thing, it’s too short!!! I’m all for showing some leg, but not to the point where you will see more than what you bargain for. A easy tip that I used was leggings, or tights. Wearing tights, made it easier and comfortable for me to rock my dress. I was able to pair it with some black tights and boots. It’s great for the winter wear, but what about the spring time, I would recommend wearing some funky shorts. Make the dress look like a long shirt and you will feel comfortable as ever!

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Why cover when you can just embrace sleeveless styles for the season?

Your defenses descend around you when you bring your wall down. Your vulnerability becomes invigorating and beautiful once you have the chance to make small changes.  My self-consciousness about my arms is one of those vulnerabilities that I wish to break. I tend to hide my arms under cardigans and avoid shirts or dresses that require my arms to be exposed. Sleeveless dressing was a no, no for me for quite sometime. 

I’ve always had big arms. I have been consumed by the one-type-of-beauty and image-based society where body fat is seen as a negative thing. I was able to get out of that trap when I had to endure the summer heat in Savannah. It became so hot and humid that my fear went out the window. I didn’t care if my flabby arms would be exposed; I would rather have that than be sweaty and smelly.

“Accept yourself as you were designed “

-Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

I found myself more comfortable after several attempts. I was able to feel free and unafraid. I’m sure there will be some people who are not too friendly and would like to say negative things, but it’s not in me to care. When you take the power of fear away, you feel more confident. Baring your arms can be a little thing, but it helps build small steps to be less fearful. Accept that you are not perfect, and your flaws can be traits that you can improve through time. Now I embrace the sleeveless styles and feel comfortable. 

Bringing in the springtime with this no-sleeve dress that I found at TJ Maxx.

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Maxing it out in style : Finding the perfect Maxi skirt for the Spring

White and black maxi skirt

Maxi Skirt ,how can you choose the right one? There are several maxi skirt styles to choose from. You have the chance to explore the pattern and color for the Spring.
I don’t really have a good feel for maxi skirt. How will they suit me? I genuinely have no idea where to start. I need to know what to look for and where to look. I’m 5’4”, and although I’m not that short, it’s still a struggle to find a nice Maxi dress or maxi skirt for my height. I was lucky to find this black and white striped maxi dress through Instagram. I was able to purchase it through Divno Je’ by Crystalia. One thing I like about this skirt is how flowy it is; I was able to go high-waisted with the look and it fit my height. Although I’m a girl that loves flats and sandals, I figured I need to try wearing something like wedges to help the length.

Here are some pointers on what to do when searching for the right look in a maxi dress or skirt.

Get It Tailored // While this seems like the first obvious answer, I always stray from having to get anything tailored. For me, it always seems like such a hassle. Plus, alterations can be pricey. You need to find a good tailor that will work with you, not just on this, but any future outfits.

Wear Heels Or Wedges // If you’re short, I highly suggest wearing heels or wedges whenever you wear a maxi skirt. Wearing them gives you extra height,which also helps elongate the appearance of the dress. This makes it easier for you to find skirts that complement your style. If I can, I try wearing wedges when I plan on shopping for maxi skirts to help see if the look will fit.

Wear Your Shoes Shopping // Try wearing wedges that are the height of the shoes you are planning to wear with the outfit when you are searching for the right maxi skirt/dress. Wearing your shoes shopping makes the entire process easier and you don’t waste time or money buying the wrong item.

Go High-Waisted // Most maxi skirts and maxi dresses are high-waisted, but some aren’t. In fact, the first maxi skirt I ever bought was one that sat on my hips. This was a very long time ago and was definitely a huge mistake on my part. By going high-waisted, the maxi skirt will naturally complement your figure and give you a more stunning silhouette than if your skirt rides on your hips. Going high-waisted also helps give the slight illusion that you’re taller. I would also consider adding a belt to the look to help accentuate your waist.

Black and white long dress 3

Choose A Maxi With print // Flowy is the way to go with a maxi skirt if you’re a shortie. Any kind of material that is stiff and has no life to it can be very dangerous for petite figures, as it can make your shape seem like something it’s actually not. Skirts with printed fabric help make an illusion and give life to your style.