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What is Beauty?

What is beauty? The media portrays a certain concept of what we should accept in the physical features that defy beauty. We ourselves implement what we like and dislike and create our own definition of beauty. Beauty is not just in a physical or materialistic form. It’s also the personality and characteristics that a person features and displays in their life to others. It’s the appearance that sets the stage of what is to come. When you limit beauty in some form you create a  prejudice motion signaling whether or not you like or dislike the person for their physical being or their character.


We look mostly at beauty from the outside. Our mind is set to take that first through our eyes. Our eyes see the reflection of the person’s appearance and creates an opinion. As such, you yourself try to create an outside beauty. You try to look presentable for an interview. You want to wear the best outfit to get compliments at a party of date. None of it is bad, but do consider other factors before creating an opinion of a person. Allow yourself to learn from people and find out who they really are. You never know if they might be seeking help, or if they can help you.


When you take time to find out who you are, you take time to create your own brand. What do you want the world to see? People will judge no matter what. You are the only person that needs to accept who you are. Give yourself the chance to find out who you are whether it’s good or bad. Become comfortable with yourself and allow exposure to your inner beauty with your actions and words.  Be bold, be beautiful!

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Life is to short!

Black and White LaptopThere is chaos in your surroundings; don’t let it come for your mind. Give yourself a chance to enjoy life, make mistakes, learn from them, and try again. If you become your own worst enemy, you won’t be able to succeed. See outside the box, be the person you envision yourself to be. It takes time to find yourself, but that’s the beauty of it all. You are able to explore and seek what you like and dislike. You create experiences, memories, and objects that will allow you to evolve and find meaning for what you are passionate about. Don’t allow time, predicaments, or circumstances to dictate the route your destiny will be. It’s a part of growing and in time, it will pass.

Life is journey that takes you through different experiences. There are times you may feel at a loss and without the willpower to get through. It happens, but don’t allow it to overwhelm you or make you feel like a failure. Just allow your mind and body to reset itself and get back on track. Life is to short to surround yourself with negativity. It’s okay to spend time perfecting your vision–don’t allow your doubts to take over. Take the risk of getting to know yourself before the defeat.

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What is Yoga?

What is Yoga? It has rapidly become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, workout regime among those who are looking to gain flexibility, strength and even lose weight. It can be done from the privacy of your home, classrooms, and work or even while you travel. Yoga is great for reducing stress and allowing for greater relaxation. Once you get into the workout though, you learn that it is so much more than just a way to work out and keep in shape. It is a philosophy, a passion and a way of life for many of those involved in Yoga. While you may be getting into it for the exercise, you may soon find yourself wrapped in the philosophy and spirituality that Yoga brings along with it.

It can do a lot for the body, although it won’t cure every ailment. It can be worked into practically any lifestyle or schedule. Proven to increase health and body awareness allowing yoga participants to better control their bodies. From flexibility increases to better body alignment, Yoga can help with a variety of ailments.

Physical Benefits 

Increased Flexibility                           Increased Strength                    Improved Balance

Increased Stamina                             Improved Body Alignment (reduces joint pain)

Mental Benefits                                  Stress Reduction                          Body Awareness

Better Sleep                                         Improve self-confidence             Relaxation

There are many more physical and mental benefits, but these are the major ones. Those who suffer from certain conditions can also benefit from yoga. Women who are pregnant or who are planning on becoming pregnant can benefit greatly from the workout. Finding the right fit for you is beneficial. As a beginner, I try taking classes to aid me with the techniques and teach me ways that I can improve my posture in every motion.  As I fully grasp the workouts, I plan on using apps and going outside the realm and find other places to workout. Yoga is good for the body and mind. You can find yourself taking a leap of faith in getting your body and mind into shape. Give it a shot!