Rock your Inner Style


I started Rock the Label with the mindset of starting a plus size clothing business. I wanted to tackle some of the issues found in creating an image with what is provided by the fashion industry. I wanted to help women Rock any styles at any age or size. As I continue my journey to start my line, I decided to create this blog as a way help others like myself find their inner beauty and being able to balance it with the outside world.

As I venture into this journey of starting a business I became more open about my own issues and taking ownership of my own struggles. In time, I have felt comfortable sharing different stories that relate to myself as well as others. I then decided that Rock the Label would help spark a more positive conversation not just about fashion but the everyday lifestyle and issues that people face in their lives.

My goal is to raise awareness and ultimately end the stigma of being stereotyped by a Label society has placed on them.

When you start being open about your own inner beauty, you are able to embrace the challenges you face in a positive way. You battle the stigmas given to you and while doing so you do it with elegance and style.


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