Resolutions: Here’s to new beginnings!

Just starting off the year you become excited and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. It’s a new year for a fresh start and to create goals. You create resolutions for styles, traveling, eating healthy, hobbies, whatever comes to mind. It’s time to reset your body, mind, and soul to help implement your goals for this year. Clear your mind to focus on what you want to accomplish. Nourish your body to become healthy and ideal to your standard of beauty. Nurture the soul to find peace, understanding, inspiration and motivation.  

This year I want to cultivate my blog with different ideas that will help you find inspiration and suggestions for you to find your inner style and embrace your challenges head on. Some of the things I want to focus on will be to embrace my curves and find beauty in life, be able to let go of fears or the unease of new territory, like wearing shorts or trying new foods or going on trips alone.  Take time to take up topics that are taboo to us all and keep the motivation going. 

Join me on resetting yourself to a new and improved you. FInd your voice and style and continue to grow through your own journey.  Let me know what New Year Resolutions you plan on accomplishing! Take the journey to the unknown and embrace what lies ahead. 

Here’s to a New Year and to getting you back in the groove!