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Tricks to wear that short dress in the winter!

Have you ever found a cute dress, but it’s too short for you to wear by itself. If you try to bend just a little, you might be showing the world more than what you had hoped for. I was able to find a nice black flow dress with laces on the shoulders. It’s great for a day wear or to go out for the night. I found myself falling in love with this dress, just one thing, it’s too short!!! I’m all for showing some leg, but not to the point where you will see more than what you bargain for. A easy tip that I used was leggings, or tights. Wearing tights, made it easier and comfortable for me to rock my dress. I was able to pair it with some black tights and boots. It’s great for the winter wear, but what about the spring time, I would recommend wearing some funky shorts. Make the dress look like a long shirt and you will feel comfortable as ever!