What is Beauty?

What is beauty? The media portrays a certain concept of what we should accept in the physical features that defy beauty. We ourselves implement what we like and dislike and create our own definition of beauty. Beauty is not just in a physical or materialistic form. It’s also the personality and characteristics that a person features and displays in their life to others. It’s the appearance that sets the stage of what is to come. When you limit beauty in some form you create a  prejudice motion signaling whether or not you like or dislike the person for their physical being or their character.


We look mostly at beauty from the outside. Our mind is set to take that first through our eyes. Our eyes see the reflection of the person’s appearance and creates an opinion. As such, you yourself try to create an outside beauty. You try to look presentable for an interview. You want to wear the best outfit to get compliments at a party of date. None of it is bad, but do consider other factors before creating an opinion of a person. Allow yourself to learn from people and find out who they really are. You never know if they might be seeking help, or if they can help you.


When you take time to find out who you are, you take time to create your own brand. What do you want the world to see? People will judge no matter what. You are the only person that needs to accept who you are. Give yourself the chance to find out who you are whether it’s good or bad. Become comfortable with yourself and allow exposure to your inner beauty with your actions and words.  Be bold, be beautiful!