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Sewing on the go!

It’s always fun to find the right sewing machine for your projects you have to do in the Fall. Getting a sewing machine case is perfect way to transport your machine and stay organized. It gives enough space and compartments to hold tools, threads and notions. You can go with a simple case that just hold the sewing machine or be more convenient to finding one that keeps supplies secure.  There are different styles to choose from for a , but they all do the same thing, protect your sewing machine.

There are different types of sewing machine cases. You can always look for a case that if sufficient and sturdy for the job. I choose the polka dot rolling case because it’s reliable, and has enough space for my tools that I need when I’m not near my station. I love that it rolls because I don’t have to carry a heavy machinery and hurt my back. It also has space for me to place my fabric and patterns and make it more accessible.  Now that I have everything organized and accessible in one place, I can take it with me on trips and work on my projects. Great way for work!