Yoga Challenge

Have you ever challenged yourself to start something new and commit to it? Yoga is something that I have wanted to master for quite some time. Although I have taken some classes,  still am a beginner attempting to find balance and strength in the practice. For the month of August, I decided to do a Yoga Challenge. I joined a Yoga class several weeks ago but I’ve struggled to go every week. This time, my challenge will be to do it every single day. Let’s see how long this will last. It might be easy to people who are comfortable working out everyday, but for me, I’m not much of a person who remembers to work out everyday with a busy schedule. I do use my work and school as an excuse not to exercise. At some point, you need to decide if you want to continue to slouch or start being healthy and achieve your goals. Being active can help benefit you on the long run. It’s better to start somewhere and work yourself up to different steps.

Doing this challenge will be my guide to getting back on track with a daily practice. Doing at least 30 minutes whether it’s in a class or at home can help increase strength, flexibility, and balance quickly and simply. Engagining my entire body and mind will help create a fresh outtake on working out and not strain my lower back. If don’t have much experience with yoga like myself, start with a easy practice that is sage and will have a proper alignment.  I suggest to at least take one or two classes with an instructor. They can help you position the body the correct way, once you get the technique, you can do it at home with a video or app.

Whether it’s yoga or walking or doing a squat challenge, get yourself out there and work on getting healthy and discipline your body. It’s easy to make excuses and fall of the wagon, but have the courage to continue on and even if you miss a day, it’s ok, just keep pushing forward. Go at your own pace and be able to feel great after working your body and seeing that you are taking the right steps to being healthy.

I start my yoga challenge today, I have my workout close and gear ready for it. I will be taking a class the majority of the time and doing some with an app I found recently at home. Take the step to move forward, you never know what new adventures you will open yourself up to. Take the challenge!