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Why cover when you can just embrace sleeveless styles for the season?

Your defenses descend around you when you bring your wall down. Your vulnerability becomes invigorating and beautiful once you have the chance to make small changes.  My self-consciousness about my arms is one of those vulnerabilities that I wish to break. I tend to hide my arms under cardigans and avoid shirts or dresses that require my arms to be exposed. Sleeveless dressing was a no, no for me for quite sometime. 

I’ve always had big arms. I have been consumed by the one-type-of-beauty and image-based society where body fat is seen as a negative thing. I was able to get out of that trap when I had to endure the summer heat in Savannah. It became so hot and humid that my fear went out the window. I didn’t care if my flabby arms would be exposed; I would rather have that than be sweaty and smelly.

“Accept yourself as you were designed “

-Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

I found myself more comfortable after several attempts. I was able to feel free and unafraid. I’m sure there will be some people who are not too friendly and would like to say negative things, but it’s not in me to care. When you take the power of fear away, you feel more confident. Baring your arms can be a little thing, but it helps build small steps to be less fearful. Accept that you are not perfect, and your flaws can be traits that you can improve through time. Now I embrace the sleeveless styles and feel comfortable. 

Bringing in the springtime with this no-sleeve dress that I found at TJ Maxx.

3 Responses to “Why cover when you can just embrace sleeveless styles for the season?”

  1. Gail |

    Ah this is me all over. I hate my body all of it. Especially my arms. Summer is a killer for me as i cover up. This post has made me see how much of my time energy and LIFE ive used up worrying about it. Thank you. And you look fab in your dress.x

    • Rockthelabel

      Hi Gail!

      Glad you enjoyed my post. It took time to finally break the fear. Sometimes you have to wait for the right moment.


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