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Women who Inspire: Susan B. Anthony


One of the many women who have inspired me through my journey of opening a business is Susan B. Anthony. In 1869 she founded the National Woman’s suffrage Association along with a friend, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Susan devoted most of her time to the Abolitionist cause and became and agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society.

 In 1972 Susan B. Anthony began demanding the same civil and political rights for women that had been extended men. Susan was young woman fighting for her rights. Through the efforts of her and many others like her, women can get higher education, work at almost any job, own property, hold public office, and vote. Susan B. Anthony never married or had children. She left a legacy of inspiration to make the world a better place by improving our rights. As people celebrate her birthday today, let us honor Susan B. Anthony by continuing the fight to equality among everyone.

 The inspiration found in Susan B. Anthony’s efforts to make a change gives women today the ability to face challenges and break barriers. It is in us to have our own identity from the mind of men and we are capable of becoming successful on our own. We must believe in our selves and continue to fight for justice. Let’s move forward and make a change as Susan B. Anthony did in her time just like other women who have opened the path for us to have a better place.