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Nancy M. Johnson. The Inventor

For this week’s Women Who Rock, Nancy Johnson has shown us that you can be a creator regardless of your position in life and you can change things no matter what position you find yourself.

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Who can resist the sweet taste of ice cream?

Summer heat waves are here and what sweeter way to enjoy the summer than with a delicious cone of ice cream. With so many flavors to choose from, makes me wonder if I could create them all at home!

Nowadays you can find several recipes online to make the perfect match for your taste buds.

I have to thank a New England housewife, Nancy Johnson who is helped bring the art of creating ice cream to the home. She is known as the inventor of the first hand-cranked ice cream churn back in 1846. She created an “artificial freezer” containing a tub, cylinder, lid, dasher, and crank, a design that is still popular today. She patented her design but without the capital to manufacture and market it, she sold the patent to a kitchen wholesaler who began producing the churn and selling it publicly.


Making ice cream at the time was time consuming and difficult to create. It would take longer periods of producing causing high costs and time.  Johnson’s solution was simple: instead of opening the bucket to stir the liquid by hand, she attached a hand crank to the outside of the bucket which twisted the pot on the inside. Her invention was a huge step forward for ice cream. It didn’t only make the process easier—it also made ice cream with a smoother texture.

Nancy Johnson is an inventor. She had the strength and ability to come up with a dream and create it.

We can learn from her accomplishments ,we ourselves can become an inventor and create something that can move us forward. We can aspire to do more and accomplish things that help us all move forward.